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One of the greatest joys of Thailand, and especially Samui, is the superb cuisine. abundant and , combined with a growing number of European restaurants, the choice is immense. It is easy to eat sumptuously for little more than 200 Baht per person.

Learn how to cook Thai food
The Traditional way to eat Thai food is to share several different dishes at same time, enabling each dinner to discover al many different flavors as possible. One spoonful of one dish at a time, ladled onto a plate of steaming fragrant rice (Khao Plow), helps to keep the flavors distinct, while a sip of Chinese tea (Cha Jin) in between mouthfuls helps to prepare the taste buds for the next exhilarating experience.

If your interest is simply in learning more about what goes into Thai dishes in order to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment when dining out, don't hesitate to join us.

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Learn how to fruit carving
In the fruit carver's skilled hands and using a small and very sharp pointed knife, an ordinary papaya or pumpkin is turned into a bouquet of flowers, a radish becomes a tiny rabbit or daisy or a carrot a rare orchid. Almost any kind of fruit or vegetable can be used.

The carver must understand the texture of each and use its natural colour to imitate that of the chosen subject. Not all the carvings are as small as a flower; a large round watermelon becomes a richly decorated and lidded bowl to be used as a container for fruit salad. The green outer skin is cut away to make a pattern in relief of flowers or even characters in Thai literature. Fruit and Vegetable Carving Courses

Learn Thai kick boxing (Muay Thai)
visit to this exciting country wouldn't be complete without seeing its national sport. The pre-fight rituals and the traditional music throughout are as much part of the event as the fights themselves.

Widely considered to be the world most dangerous martial art, Thai boxing is a superb example of the speed, grace and discipline required in such sports.

The only permanent stadium on Samui is in Chaweng just off the road leading to the Reggae Pub. Boxing matches are help every Monday and Friday at 9:00 pm. (map T10)


Learn Diving
Diving Paradise Thailand: Koh Samui KO SAMUI - KO TAO - KO PHANGAN - PHUKET PHI PHI - Angthong Marine National Park Koh Samui and Koh Tao are a divers paradise with beautiful coral reefs. On this pages you will find links to local diving operators and dive tours. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact


Learn Sailing
There are plenty of remote bays for shelter where you can find soft sandy beaches and a big variety of underwater life with colorful coral reefs which is one of the highlights on every boat trip!

There is a good number of daysailors, dhingies and especially catamarans available at major beaches like Chaweng and Meanam.

For day and overnight cruising to the neighboring islands, there are a growing number of charter boats available. SAMUI OCEAN SPORTS and the sailing boat "AELEUTHERIA" are the two main charter operators on the island.

Sailing around the Samui archipel is a unique experience and for sure one of the prime sites to go sailing!